Tuesday, September 12, 2006


Time: 2 hours (one way)

Level: Easy

This is the nearest trek route from Siliguri. A half hour journey (23 Km) through NH 31A will take you to Coronation Bridge in Sevoke, over the mighty river Teesta. Just from the end of the bridge, at the left bank of river Teesta, there is the starting of a trail leading to Purbikhola. Actually Purbikhola is the name of a rivulet which is a tributary to Teesta. Literally, Purbikhola means ‘eastward flowing stream’ in Nepali. Our destination is the confluence of Purbikhola and Teesta. On your way through the quiet winding path, you will meet occasional passers from far away villages, for whom this is the only connection with civilization. They carry on their backs, mountain products such as ‘fuljharu’ (broomstick plant), ginger and cardamom. On their way back home, they fetch their bare necessities such as cloth and kerosene oil. Most of the path is covered with light or dense mixed deciduous forest, so common in the Himalayan foothills. Birds like the white cheeked bulbul and scarlet minivet will provide you company. The first part of the trek is uphill. On this part you will find the viewpoint, to have a spectacular bird’s eye view of the mighty Teesta and the Coronation Bridge. From this point, it feels like, by just a small leap, you will land straight on the bridge.

After you reach the top of the main ridge separating Teesta and Purbikhola, the rest is downhill. At the end of the downward path is our destination riverbed, Purbikhola. The place is marked by a small bridge, made for the benefit of the tribals of distant villages. Further treks can be done to Panbu, Suruk, Samtahar, etc. Apart from this small bridge, the place does not have any sign of human activity. It is always possible to return to Siliguri on the evening of the same day, but if you can carry a small tent for night stay, then nothing’s like it! Completely desolate and devoid of any human activity, this place is an ideal camping place. About half a kilometre away, the rivulet empties itself into the sacred Teesta. You can set your tent anywhere within this half kilometer stretch, nobody to ask for permission. Driftwood is available at a plenty, which you can use as firewood.


How to go: All the buses plying through NH 31 either for Sikkim, Kalimpong or Dooars route pass through sevoke. Fare: About Rs 10.00 from Siliguri. Dooars route buses start from P. C. Mittal Bus stand, Sevoke Road. Kalimpong & Sikkim route buses start from Tenzing Norgay Bus Terminus, Hill Cart Road.


Bulu said...

Hei Rajiv,

If these guys(with sooo big big tummy) can take the risk of goin for traking.
Why i cant?

Inform bout forthcoming plans...

C Ya.

Raju said...

Hell Bulu, you are right! It implies that you too can take risk of trekking without breaking ur back. Watch out for our next programs.


kleinkolin said...

It is amazing and packed up with much needed information... keep it up..